Fetal Medicine Barcelona publishes on this website the protocols of maternal-fetal medicine from the Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine Center of Barcelona (BCNatal): Hospital Clínic - Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu. This initiative aims to facilitate access for the specialist community in maternal-fetal medicine.

The medical protocols encompass information intended as guidance for diagnosis and the treatment of specific pathologies. However,  it is evident that these guidelines necessitate adaptation to the specific clinical situation and context,  taking into consideration the doctor’s clinical judgement. 

These protocols serve as professional guidelines intended for specialist doctors. Correct interpretation requires proper training, and the concepts expressed within should not be applied directly to patients without considering the specific details of each individual case.


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This website contains basic information on various aspects of health, prepared by professionals and patients. It also provides recommendations and generic guidelines for the treatment of certain diseases; therefore, under no circumstances it should be used for making diagnoses, medical treatments, or any medical interventions that must be carried out by a healthcare professional. The content of this website does not substitute personalized care from healthcare teams. It is strictly prohibited the total or partial reproduction of the contents of without the express written consent of Fetal Medicine Barcelona.