First Trimester Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis




  • Following the combined screening model for first trimester Down Syndrome, which combines clinical, biochemical and ultrasound markers, other models have been developed for the early prediction of the most important gestational complications, such as pre-eclampsia (with effective treatment), prematurity and gestational diabetes (with less predictive success). Practical methodology for measuring nuchal translucency, fetal anatomy and echocardiography will be taught. In recent years there has been a rapid evolution of genetic techniques, from having a single genetic study available, karyotyping, to non-invasive methods, rapid techniques and techniques with higher resolution than karyotyping. An update on this subject is a clear need for the midwifery profession.

More information


  1. Introduction.
  2. Early anatomical survey: practical evaluation – M. Bennasar
  3. Aneuploid screening: The combined Test – A. Borrell
  4. First trimester Genetic Sonogram – A. Borrell
  5. CVS and amniocentesis: technicalities – A. Borrell
  6. Non Invasive Prenatal Testinge Prenatal Testing – V. Cirigliano
  7. CVS and amniocentesis: risks
  8. The karyotype:Accuracy and limitations – A. soler
  9. Array-CGH: Accuracy and limitations – R. Wapner
  10. Early Fetal Echocardiography – JM. Martínez
  11. Early scan in twins and selective termination – E. Gratacós
  12. Early screening for Preeclampsia – F. Figueras
  13. Early screening for prematurity – E. Gratacós
  14. Early screning for diabetes

Teaching Team


Dr. Antoni Borrell / Dr. Eduard Gratacós / Dr. Josep Maria Martínez


The teaching staff is made up of interdisciplinary medical specialists with extensive experience in the field of perinatal infections, mostly from BCNatal and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.