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What makes this Expert unique?

This is the only University Expert Course in Maternal and Obstetric Pathology whose objective is to deepen in the most classical obstetrics and maternal medicine from a current point of view, focused on evidence-based medicine and on the patient, and with eminently practical keys for its transfer to the clinical practice of any specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

This course will help the specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics to act, in collaboration with other experts, with the aim of improving the health and well-being of the mother-fetus binomial during pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium. He does so by diagnosing, advising and treating complications affecting both the mother and the fetus.

We will address topics that have a high demand for care such as obstetrics, maternal diseases intercurrent with gestation, placental insufficiency, maternal infections, management of severe maternal complications or perinatal mental medicine.

In addition, essential social aspects of current obstetric practice such as respectful obstetric practices, perinatal bereavement, ethical considerations and patient-physician communication will be discussed.

All content will be complemented with supporting material with the latest scientific evidence, guidelines and protocols.

To whom it is addressed

Professionals specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics who wish to take a high-level refresher course to qualify them for their daily clinical practice.


  •  To deepen in the most classical obstetrics and maternal medicine from a current point of view, focused on evidence-based medicine and the patient in order to respond to the practice of the XXI century.
  •  To deal with the most common obstetric practices such as cesarean section, induction of labor or treatment of intrapartum fetal distress from a modern point of view based on the latest scientific evidence, as well as aspects of humanization of the labor process and incorporating the latest technologies such as intrapartum ultrasound.
  •  To treat the main gestational pathologies, those that are more prevalent such as prematurity, fetal growth restriction or diabetes, those that cause greater maternal morbidity and mortality such as preeclampsia, postpartum hemorrhage or maternal and gestational diseases.
  •  Treat infectious pathologies with great maternal and fetal impact such as HIV or malaria, as well as emerging diseases such as Sars-Cov-2 infection or Zika.
  •  Addressing maternal mental and psychosocial issues such as postpartum depression and respectful obstetric practices.
  •  To create a space to share experiences and knowledge with expert specialists.
  •  To promote debate and critical thinking on new advances in maternal-fetal medicine.
  •  Apply in practice the theoretical knowledge in practical workshops using the latest teaching innovation tools.

Course details

Course structure, schedule and content

Online theoretical modules with evaluation

The teaching program of the University Expert Course in Maternal and Obstetric Pathology includes 6 theoretical modules that cover almost all maternal and obstetric pathology and offer advanced training through theoretical classes and the interactive platform. Each module allows online viewing of videos with the theoretical contents of the modules. These modules will have a determined duration and will be carried out sequentially. The theoretical evaluation will be done online, once the Masterclass session has been completed and all the doubts that the students may have have have been solved. The exam will be a multiple-choice test with questions that may include images and videos, with specific dates.


Masterclasses will be scheduled with the tutor of each module in Zoom format where students will be able to ask live online questions to the experts. They will be coordinated by a moderator who will facilitate their development. The session will be held before the end of the online exam period to resolve any doubts that students may have.

Resolution of clinical cases online

A forum will be created using the Moodle platform for each module. This will be supervised by the scientific coordinator of the course who will ensure its correct functioning. It will be made available to the students at the beginning of the module and will represent a space to share concerns and doubts in relation to the topics to be covered. Likewise, the module directors will present some clinical cases to the students to generate debate. Some of these sessions will consist of practical workshops such as pelvic floor repair, breech delivery, postpartum hemorrhage, etc.

Final review-research paper

Students must complete a final research paper that will be evaluated by the Academic Committee. The topic of the work will be proposed by each student. There are 2 modalities to choose on the topic of the final work:

  •  Systematic literature review of a current topic covered during the course.
  •  Original research in your own environment

Teaching methodology

The University Expert Course in Maternal and Obstetric Pathology consists of a theoretical-practical part and a practical-face-to-face part. The first one is done through the Virtual Campus of Fetal I+D Education Barcelona, and combines online theory with the resolution of clinical cases and Masterclass.

The practice-attendance is performed at the facilities of Medicina Fetal Quito. During it, Meet the Professor type classes, clinical cases, invasive techniques and simulations will be performed.

The course is conducted in small groups of a maximum of 25 students, allowing for greater student-teacher interaction.

The structure of the course is formed by a faculty of world experts in the field that constitutes the usual faculty of Medicina Fetal Barcelona and its Directors; Eduard Gratacós and Francesc Figueras, being a guarantee that this course will offer a solid and complex training through a rigorous and eminently practical academic program.

The course is directed by Dr. Belén Nieto, coordinator in Quito, and Elisa Llurba, coordinator in Spain, expert in Maternal and Obstetric Medicine and specifically dedicated to pre-eclampsia, growth restriction, prematurity, congenital heart disease, maternal illnesses and critical care medicine, as well as patient-centered medicine, respectful obstetric practices and modern obstetrics.

There will be two different evaluations that must be passed in order to obtain the certificate.

The theoretical evaluation is carried out online, once the Masterclass session has been completed and any doubts that the students may have have have been resolved.

The evaluation of the classroom practice will be based on the knowledge acquired in each of the practical sessions.

In order to obtain the certificate it is essential to pass all the modules, as well as the Final Project.

Each module will be composed of the following blocks:
- Online Theory
- Resolution of clinical cases
- Masterclass with Fetal Medicine Barcelona
- Theoretical evaluation
- Face-to-face practicals
- Practical evaluation

The most important features of the course are:

  • Development of the course in 50 online and face-to-face classes, presented by experts in gynecology and obstetrics and other specialties and professions with special emphasis on evidence-based medicine, multidisciplinary and multiprofessional work to achieve the common goal of woman- and family-centered care.
  •  The course is divided into 6 modules that include the following fields of maternal and obstetric medicine:
    1.  Tocurgy
    2.  Maternal Medicine
    3.  Placental insufficiency
    4.  Premature delivery
    5.  Maternal Critical Care Medicine
    6.  Perinatal mental health
  •  Graphic, schematic and eminently practical contents that gather the main scientific knowledge on those disciplines essential for professional practice.
  •  Accredited and active professors from the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, among others, with extensive teaching and professional experience, being the best specialists in each area.
  •  Streaming classes at the end of each module in which you will be able to interact with the professor and solve your doubts in real time.
  •  Online proctored exams with explanation of the quiz at the end of each module related to the concepts covered.
  •  Availability of the contents from any fixed or portable device with internet connection.

Pre-registration, Selection Criteria and Enrollment

Pre-registration and selection criteria:

The number of places is limited. To apply for a place it is necessary to pre-register by filling out the form available here.

Pre-registration requirements

  •  Be a physician specializing in gynecology and obstetrics.
  •  Fill in the form in the Register section with the requested data from the CV and motivation.

Receipt of the application will be confirmed within a maximum of one week from the date of receipt.

Important: Any application with missing information will not be evaluated or answered. It is important to read all the information carefully.

Response to pre-registration requests

Those selected will receive an email indicating that they have been accepted and with the necessary information to start the process. We recommend reading beforehand the information available on our website in the section "to take into account before pre-registering".

Those who are not accepted will receive an email indicating that their application has not been accepted.

Pre-registration requires a commitment to:

Perform the teaching activities required to pass the course within the established deadlines, including evaluations and submission of images and clinical cases for each module.

Please refrain from pre-registering if you are not sure that you can take the course, either because you cannot attend the classroom part of the course, or because you have to meet deadlines for the delivery of images, exams, payments, etc, of the course. It is important to read all the information very well before pre-registering.

To be considered before pre-registering:

In order to certify the validity of studies carried out abroad, it is necessary to carry out specific procedures to verify the existence of both the institution issuing the certificate and the studies completed, as well as the degrees and grades obtained.

The legalization of foreign documents is governed by virtue of the international agreements applicable between the country issuing the academic document and the country in which the authenticity of the same must be accredited.

This is why the procedures vary according to the country of origin (and/or destination) of the studies or degrees. The information corresponding to the legalization process must be provided by the university where the studies were taken, the competent authority or the consular services of the country of origin of the documents. The legalization or apostille must appear on the original document. only for those who have already been selected for the course and is necessary to obtain the diploma issued by the Institut de Formació Continua-IL3-Universitat de Barcelona. The documentation must be sent by courier before the start of the course. This text is for information purposes only. The documentation must be sent by courier before the start of the course. This text is for information purposes only. Selected students will be sent full information on this aspect.

Withdrawal or cancellation of registration:

In case of desertion from the course, the applicant must submit a letter to the graduate secretary's office, requesting the cancellation of his/her registration. There is no refund of the registration fee.


Upon completion and approval of the International Expert Course in Maternal and Obstetric Pathology for Latin America, you will be awarded the certificate of "Expert in Maternal and Obstetric Pathology" by Fetal R & D Education Barcelona® with their respective certificate of grades. In addition, a certificate of completion of the International Theoretical and Practical Course of Expert in Maternal and Obstetric Pathology for Latin America with the endorsement of the Faculty of Medicine of the Central University of Ecuador, and the corresponding academic training credits will be awarded.

Requirements for obtaining the certificate

To obtain the Certificate, the student must meet the following conditions:

  •  Attendance at 80% of the face-to-face part of the course.
  •  Pass each module separately, both the online part and the practicum.
  •  Participate in the forums.
  •  Approve the final paper.