Basic fetal echocardiography

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    Ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis have become universal and now involve thousands of specialists. The increasing responsibility and complexity make standardized and updated training essential. Medicina Fetal Barcelona and Hospital Clínic, as part of their training program, offer a series of basic training, the Basic Cycle of Fetal Medicine. Each course has an independent entity and accreditation, but all four together allow to obtain an accredited Diploma recognized by the entities that sponsor this initiative. The courses have been designed for both updating and training, concentrating on the specific aspects most relevant to daily clinical practice, with courses with a homogeneous philosophy and structure, fundamentally oriented towards practical usefulness and the consolidation of the training objectives set.

    Congenital heart disease (CHD) is the most common severe congenital malformation. They affect approximately 0.8-1% of neonates. Half of them are moderately or very severe defects, in which there is still a non-negligible mortality: it is considered that globally 15% of neonates with CHD will not reach adolescence. In global figures, and specifically in our country, postnatal mortality is higher, and it should be taken into account that many children born with CHD have not been diagnosed at birth and will be left to spontaneous evolution, presenting a mortality of > 50% during the first year of life. In addition, with a diagnosis of CHD in fetal life we have to consider that the overall mortality is close to 25-35%, 60% during the first year of life. Moreover, CHD are considered to be responsible for > 50% of infant mortality due to congenital anomalies, and for 20-30% of neonatal deaths. It should be remembered that CC are 4 times more frequent than Down syndrome and 8 times more frequent than neural tube defects, two examples of pathologies for which screening programs for the general population have been established due to their medical severity and social importance. Likewise, the prevalence of chromosomal anomalies and genetic syndromes associated with CHD is high, especially in fetal life and if associated with other malformations. To complete the picture of CHD, we must remember that the majority (>90%) of CHD appear in fetuses that are not at risk, with no known history or risk factors. For all these reasons, the role of prenatal screening ultrasound is fundamental. Moreover, CHD evolves during gestation, so that its anatomical and therefore ultrasound appearance changes over time, both prenatally and postnatally. Finally, it is accepted that prenatal diagnosis improves the postnatal prognosis of the majority of CHD. The spectrum of CHD that exists is very broad and prenatal diagnosis of CHD is widely recognized as particularly difficult by scientific societies, and therefore its teaching is a clearly established necessity.

    The course is oriented towards a clinical approach: starting from a theoretical basis, a logical script is followed to chain concepts and understand the systematic exploration and classification of possible defects. For this reason, this fourth course of the Diploma has an intensive component of case studies and self-evaluation so that the attendees consolidate concepts and their ability to identify images up to the level set in the objectives.

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    • The basic price of the course is 120€. The diploma can be downloaded in Pdf, directly from the campus at the end of the course and after passing the exam.
    • Diploma sent by mail,132€.

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